5 Reasons Why YOU Should Care About The Air You Breathe At Home

Thankfully, the dangers of air pollution are finally being talked about more. One area that is often overlooked however, is the polluted fumes you might be inhaling INSIDE your own home, as well as those whilst out and about. Here’s 5 reasons why you should care about the air you breathe inside your home:
1. It kills 4.3 million people a year, 40,000 in the UK
Yes, it’s true. Household air pollution kills. According to the World Health Organisation, 4.3 million people die every year from pollution inside the home, 40,000 of those being in the UK. These pollutants are almost more harmful, given the close proximity you have with them inside the four walls of a house. They can also be more concentrated inside the home, and without proper ventilation and purification, can stick around for a long time. 
2. It can affect your children’s health and intelligence
Worried about your child’s well-being? It’s not just the damaging fumes they’re breathing in whilst they are out and about, the pollution inside your home is also something you need to worry about. The Royal College of Physicians conducted a study into the effects of indoor air pollution, and concluded that without proper ventilation and purification, indoor air pollution can have an impact that lasts “far into the future” for children and babies.  
3. It can cause headaches and fatigue
Feeling lethargic around the home? Often waking up with headaches? It might be because your indoor air quality isn’t up to scratch! Polluted air inside the home is a common cause for negatively impacting your health in the short term, through things like headaches and causing fatigue – want to make the most out of your day? Don’t be held back by polluted air – purify your home now!
4. It can cause long term damaging effects to your health 
 Polluted air is widely considered to also have negative long term effects, including respiratory diseases, heart disease and even cancer. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and start caring about the air you breathe inside your home!
5. We spend around 90% of our time indoors, so why not make your house breathe? 
Despite a lot of people not caring about the conditions of their home, statistically we spend around 90% of our time there! That means it’s more important than ever to ensure that your home life is purified and healthy. 
HEPA and Ionic filtering has been proven to drastically improve indoor air quality and quality of life in the home. Krystal does just that, integrating this new cutting edge filtering technology into a single unit, also allowing for temperature control and home aroma customisation through the selection of scents on offer. All this can be controlled through a simple smart app, also available in web version. Interesting in finding out more about purifying your life? Click here!
Dan Cooke
8th May 2018

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