The major percentages of air pollution in London

Air quality is a significant factor in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Generally, on the whole world but more specifically in the biggest cities across the globe. It’s repeatedly stated that London citizens suffer from air pollution and also having bad quality atmosphere. What makes the air so poisoned is the presence of smokes, gases, fumes and other polluted ingredients which “help” to the collapse of our environment. Unfortunately, this problem has a great effect on individuals who can easily get affected by getting sick and even not been able to breathe properly.

More extensively on the location where Krystal Air focuses on, London, the problem gets worse and worse in the passage of time. To be exact, in 2003 there was a smog situation during the summer where a tragic amount from 46 until 212 approximately people died due to ozone chemical virus. That same accident happened in summer 2016.

London’s air pollution is mainly caused from airplane and car pollution and more importantly climate change. The current legislation has been cover over the limit and now Londoners try to find a way to live better and provide themselves with as much clean air as they possibly can. The worst thing is that studies actually find that classrooms and offices, homes and indoors in generally are more air polluted instead of outdoors. This significant issue gets worse the moment when children in schools and people might develop chronic health problems.

What we should bear in mind is that, London has been unstoppably trying to get rid of all the dangerous air with all the possible ways; what it fails to cover though, is the fact that even if percentages get lower overall, the United Kingdom is still betraying the acceptable poisoned environment average. To be exact, the polluted air exceeds the substantial percentage of 50%.

This is the main reason Krystal Air has been created and mainly specializing in London. Trying to manufacture and produce only the best of products possible, in order to provide London citizens a chance of living and growing in a healthier environment. Krystal Air gives people the chance of being able to live in healthy manners, implementing healthy and clean air in households and offices. Filtering dangerous fumes and gases around the atmosphere, Krystal Air gives you a second chance on developing a proper and healthy lifestyle.

– Marie Chantal Housard,  May 25th 2018.

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