Air Purifying Industry: Where next?

The Automotive Industry is expanding hugely. Rapid Industrialization and pollution concerns have made the industry realize that air purification systems are not only suitable for offices and homes, but also they can offer good interior automotive air quality. Therefore, the automotive segment in air purifications systems nowadays, spends millions of dollars for investment in order to make this a reality for its consumers. Furthermore, the High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) is expected to grow even further as this technology is the driving force of air purification systems.

What are the benefits of this?

  • Better air quality in your car
  • Elimination of contaminated particles while driving
  • The ionizer should be able to attract negative ions and therefore reduce the pollution in your car.

What are the disadvantages?

  • While investments on air purifiers are undergoing, existing indoor car air purifiers such as Ozone, have concluded t
  • o the fact it is not recommended for long journeys, as it starts to overheat and therefore smell.
  • Another disadvantage is that cars with inbuilt air purification systems would be more expensive than normal cars with normal air conditioning systems, therefore making it difficult for people with lower disposable income to have a chance to buy those types of cars.
  • Moreover, another disadvantage would be the fact that the implementation and the research and development that has to be undertaken in order of all of this to happen would probably take 2-3 years and not be implemented immediately, as forecasts expect the size of the industry to double in revenues by 2022.

In conclusion, the future of air purification systems, in my opinion, is completely on the hands of car manufacturers as they have the upper hand to move forward their investments in this industry. With the HEPA technology and the Ionic Filters,  I believe that it is possible to enhance our quality of life through a vehicle we spent a lot of time in, our car. The next step for air purification systems will strive and only benefit us, the consumers.

Ioannis Tsiropoulos


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