NEWS FLASH!! – Scent partnership with AirWick

At Krystal we believe that the scent of your home is almost as important as the purity of your air. This is why we combined our air purification system with scent customisation. After months of discussions over a potential partnership for Krystal’s air scents a partnership has been formed with AirWick, one of the worlds leading air freshener brands. The partnership has led to the creation of an initial four scents for Krystal customers to use.

Firstly, ‘Spring bloom’, a seasonal variant for that spring clean smell, perfect for use after the festive winter season and the ‘Winter Berries’ scent period ends. In addition to this we can now proudly provide ‘Cinnamon Apple’, another scent that will soothe your living area odour throughout autumn and winter. Our final addition; ‘Linen Fresh’ is perfect all year round, producing a fresh smelling aroma, whether your linen is fresh or not.

These scents can be bought individually or via our scent subscription service with one scent included per month in our standard £8 per month subscription and two scents per month with our premium £14 per month subscription.

Speaking after confirmation of the partnership, Krystal CEO Yiannis Tsiropoulos stated “We at Krystal our proud to announce our exciting new scent partnership with AirWick, the initial four scents are high quality and everlasting classics for our customers. Throughout the partnership we aim to provide new limited edition additional scents including salted caramel shortbread and freshly cut grass. We thank AirWick for this opportunity and hope to build a fruitful relationship.”

Its common knowledge that a good smelling home is important not only for those living in it, but also for visitors and making first impressions. On a business side, research conducted by the American Marketing Association found that people stay in businesses for 44% longer when the business area smells pleasant. Therefore, we are proud to provide our scent range that will maximise your home and work lives.

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